Baggae Trucks (read the keymap)

joergen222 Guest

Hi all, i have read the kepmap and i know fuel trucks, but how do i get baggae/cargo doors open and baggage trucks around?


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Park in a spot and open your doors, than they'll come.


lukemax1 Guest

What doors?

CTRL+E opens main passenger door, is that it? I cant open cargo?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It may not have cargo doors, check the read-me that came with the download.


lukemax Guest

Its standard FSX B737

CTRL+E opens all doors then?

How come screenshots show B737 with cargo doors open. Basic FSX

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vincentrose Trainee

CTRL - E then let go and hit "2" that will open the cargo doors and your baggage trucks will come

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