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Well, i figured out how to get the gate to come forward and all, but the trucks, baggage control, fuel trucks...none of them move after i parked!!! what going on here???

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Murfi First Officer

More information would be nice, like if you opened the cargo doors!

For baggage truck to move you obviously need to open the cargo doors, shift+e+2.

I found that your fuel tank needs to be less than full to call a fuel truck, thats ctl+f.

The other one is when you push back, shift+p.

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philipjes Trainee

Fuel truck is shift-f Wink

lemonwonder Guest

And beware, when you open the cargo doors press


and let go of them both and quickly press 2, dont hold onto the ctrl and e when you press two, do this quickly. If you dont let go of CTRL + E you will get the radio stack.

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how do u get the cargo truck over?

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