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In the default Cessna 172SP, and other airplanes I am sure, the switch panel shows a rotating Beacon switch "BCN" and a Nav light switch "NAV". Both switches are functional when toggled with the mouse.

I am setting up an external switch panel to duplicate these functions. However, when I go to the Settings screen and then CONTROLS - BUTTONS/KEYS tab, I can not find the Beacon or Navigation Lights shown anywhere.

If they are functional on the panel displayed on the monitor, they must be in the Settings menus somewhere. Can someone help me out with where I can find these 2 items?

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I don't have FSX but I'm guessing that it's the same light setup is the same as FS9. In FS9, you don't have independent control of the NAV and Beacon lights in the controls assignment area.

All lights-------------------Press L
Taxi light only-------------Press L (turns on all lights) then Press Ctrl+L (leaves taxi, beacon and strobes)
Strobes--------------------Press O(Oscar)
Panel lights----------------Shift+L
Landing light---------------Ctrl+L

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This is one of my pet peeves. When ever I see flight sim videos and people have their strobe lights turned on when they are still on the ramp or taxing Evil or Very Mad. Just grinds my gears lol

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Replying to spitfiresrule: It is quite common to have the strobe lights on while taxing to the runway . I have seen this on many internation flights but they do turn them off at the ramp.

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