Boeing 737 NAV Lights

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For all the jet aircraft in FSX, the NAV lights can be turned on by clicking the NAV lights switch on the overhead panel.

How come there is no such switch on the overhead panel of the 737?

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Good question bud

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Best I can tell the only way to do it is to map it to a key command or joystick button...

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

As traches said map it to a key, that's all i do.

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

I never understood why the stock aircraft on FSX suck so hard. Stupid bugs such as this one, the VC textures are fugly, and they're obnoxiously simplified and dumbed down.

No reason the only part of most people's FSX installations is the gui and the modeling engine 😀

(add-on a/c, atc, textures, etc.)

donpilot Guest

You can modify your aircraft.cfg file to make the Logo switch control the Nav lights.

The logo switch in the 737 issues a command to turn on a type "9" light. Since there is no true logo light for this model, I use that switch to turn on the nav lights as seen below in my aircraft.cfg file modification:
light.0 = 9, -24.20, -56.60, 3.90, fx_navredm ,
light.1 = 9, -24.20, 56.60, 3.90, fx_navgrem ,
light.8 = 9, -29.50, -56.60, 3.70, fx_navwhih ,
light.9 = 9, -29.50, 56.60, 3.70, fx_navwhih ,

Change your default light.x = 3 entries to light.x = 9

rmb823 Guest

If you didn't change anything in the setting under button, then if you just press the L key it turns on all the lights, nav, beacon, position and all others

rmb823 Guest

My previous answer may be confusing to some. Bottom line is just press the letter L key to turn on all lights, and press it again to turn them off, hope that helps all of you.

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