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Sure we've all been removing and disabling stuff in XP: services, tweaks, patches, updates, to get the most out of our flight sim. But This gets tedious if you format often. Let me present you with a solution:

This might be a bit off topic but hardcore flight simmers might want to consider using 'nlite' to remove extraneous stuff from the XP right from the installation process. The program allows you to start with an original XP CD and remove all the components that you don't need.

The result is a 'lite' XP tailored to your need, it is small (so you can put other apps or drivers on one CD, too), installs fast(since there is less files to copy) and is more secure, too (you can apply all the Windows updates to the CD directly, so the next time you install windows, there is less patches to download)

I have made a 300mb XP Home SP2 with all patches up to December 2006 for myself. and I highly recommand nlite to anyone who wants to take control over their computer.

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Hey, Great topic and innovative solution. I too have been down the "let's try to put those wayward processes to sleep" pathway before flying FS, and it is truly a pain. The Ultimate Troubleshooter is a good start -- stops a number of processes you probably didn't even realize were there and improves overall computer performance.

There is another really good FS program launcher-- the name of which escapes me, but I saw it posted on this forum-- which dumps all the unnecessary processes before starting FS. Worked very well for me until I bought a new box and lost the program. Somebody out there remember?

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