Look for Van Nuys Airport Scenery with Santina Air

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Does anyone know where I can find Van Nuys Airport with the Santina Air Hangor?


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This package contains high resolution ground scenery for the traffic pattern area of Van Nuys Airport(VNY). Normal flight simulator scenery has a resolution of approximately 4.7 meters/pixel. That's OK at higher altitudes but leads to very blurry ground textures when flying low - e.g. in the traffic pattern. My high resolution airport area sceneries have a resolution 1.2 meters/pixel. This results in much more detail and a more realistic experience of "being there". This scenery gives best results when combined with my "Southern-" and "Northern Los Angeles" standard resolution ground sceneries, available here: Southern Los Angeles: Northern Los Angeles:

TerraModels Scenery Development System by Allen Kriesman and Biber Salsa models were used to create the scenery for Van Nuys Airport (KVNY), California - version 2. No custom models were created for this airport. There are dynamic vehicles moving in this scenery.


Mabye this will help, note the second download has a picture showing a blue hanger. Dont know if this is specific in being that hanger you are talking about.

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