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i am running fsx delux on a 2 gig athlon ddr400 with a geforce 7600 graphics card and when in game play after about 20-40 mins my machine crashes, it a brand new pc. it was running hot, so i installed a super cooler fan on the cpu, installed another fan on the back of the tower, took the side panel off and its still crashing... any ideas?

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Is it a default aircraft or are you using an addon aircraft?
It crashes on me when i'm using the Flight deck 4 aircraft or the SR-71 blackbird.

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I don't know, but mine was doing the same thing one night. Then the next night I booted up and it stopped doing it. My graffics card wasn't running hot at all either, so I'm not sure if that's a problem.

I was doing runs from Iwo Jima to Tokyo once in a lear and once in a 747 and once in an A380. They all had the same results. About 3/4 of the way there while changing veiws it would crash and restart my computer.

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I know the answer to your problem,
for some reason a flight can only be 5 hours i think, then you have to end flight an recreat a new one, making transatlantic flights impossible. I never officially read anyting abou that but that's what i've figured from my own experiments. You probably have similiar system to me.

armydust Guest

i was doing a 55 min flight from harare international to kariba in zimbabwe in a baron, had medium weather, all traffic and detail on extreamly high, the pc didnt miss a heart beat! till 30 odd miles decending kariba my pc crashed!

i have also had this problem when trying to load missions etc.. its rather iritating to it there for a hour and the flight is going smooth and this happens! dont have anything else on this pc, its purly for flight sim and internet!!!!!

fs9 was a dream, with all the addons etc it was not bad at all maxed out, fsx on the otherhand is not prooving anything to me really at the moment!

the only stuff i have downloaded for fsx is the scenery patch!!

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