FSX crashing during flight

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I dont ask for much but why can't I fly a mission with out it crashing (system crash) half way thru a mission or free flight. It always happens using the menu use and it frustrating. I have researched and done all the fixes. I am a hobby simmer and don't want to buy a gaming computer to have to upgrade to MS2020. I am not a programmer so please keep it simple for me. I appreciate anything. Thanks

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The most common answer, and it's happened to a lot of us, is your computer is probably not up to specs on either the CPU, the onboard ram, the graphics processor or all the above. I have 16 gigs of RAM and it didn't help.

If your computer has integrated graphics it won't matter how much system RAM you have...you will have problems even with all of the simulator graphic sliders on the lowest settings. Mine always kicked me to the desktop just as I was lining up with the localizer (after flying the route for over an hour--aarghhhh!).

My solution was to buy an $89 Nvidia card from Amazon (ZODAK GT-730). Everybody on YouTube and Amazon trashed it because it wouldn't play modern games. But FSX is an old game and it works great for me. I haven't been booted out once since installing it.

Good luck.

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