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Zone alarm blocks of my Multiplayer access:
(sorry if double post)


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I don't (and wouldn't) use it but you should be able to disable it while your flying.
Usually applications such as that can be disabled by right clicking on the icon in the clock-tray and choosing disable-enable.


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Sad Try this right click the zone alarm icon in the system tray and select Restore ZoneAlarm Control Centre.Now goto Program control(menu on the left hand side)and look for Fs9 in there or muliplayer or whatever multiplayer prog you are trying to run.Cjhange the crosses to ticks

Or the other way disconect from internet,uninstall Zone alarm,then reinstall(sometimes this is the only way)

Hope it helps

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i had the same trouble so i uninstalled zonealarm and installed sygate and have had no problems.


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What is zone alarm? Embarassed

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Rafi wrote:

What is zone alarm? Embarassed

Its a free Firewall


I just installed Sp2 with some fire wall setting. Is it have to do some thing with zone alarm?

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Zone Alarm is a firewall that you can buy or they also have a free one.

I personally don't care for it, it used to (probably still does) become invasive, it imbedded itself into the registry (Ala AOL).

Many, many people use it and like it but we all have our opinions don't we.
I use the built in XP firewall and so far it's protected me.

Here, test your firewall at this site, he's one of the good guys.

Want to run a full free diagnostic of your computer. very trustworthy.


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