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Hey guys,
I have been having trouble with Auto Screen Recorder 2 free version. Auto Screen Recorder 2 Free is at, and scroll down until you get to the section labeled "Help Files and Free Programs (Click to download)" and its the second one down. Actually it is much better than FRAPS in my opinion, and I really love using it. You should give it a try. Anyway the problem is, when I record video (my screen), everything goes fine, Then I go to the place where the video was captured to, and I open the file, and it plays the sound, but a gray screen. It does that in windows media player, and VLC media player. This started happening ever since I got a new video card. I've tried recording in every single file format available to save in, and using every compression available, and nothing works. Please help so I can get back to making videos. I was actually going to make a Flyaway X-mas video (like someone did last year), but I couldnt because the program wouldn't work(gray screen, only sound when played). Here are my specs-

Windows XP Pro
Intel P4 CPU 2.8 Ghz
2560 MB RAM
Video ATI Radeon X1300 256 MB RAM, AGP

If you need anything else, tell me i will post it.

Thanks in advance for the help,
Robbier 🙂

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