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I'm finished making my video with the trial version of Sony Vegas 7.0 but now I don't quite know how to compile the entire [only certain segments are being compiled] video into mpeg or avi format, can anyone help me please.

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As's depends. Wink

I use Camtasia Studio for video (and audio) capture and editing.

I have found some additional benefits uses for it as well. It's great for capturing videos or Flash videos on the internet that have encrypted URLs to prevent people from downloading them. Now you don't even have to try and figure out the actual URL in the source code, as you can simply capture it on the fly. The other nice part is that you can edit it, even breaking into parts and keeping only the parts you want.

Once you are finished editing it you can then export your edit as simply images (jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, Etc.), movies (avi, wmv, Etc) or even Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash format.

It also works for audio as well.

But even though it's not exactly expensive ($299.00 US) it's not exactly cheap either.

If you think you will be doing video, audio or image editing for the next few years (such as home camcorder videos or family pictures) I would consider buying it. I didn't think I would even need it as I don't own a camcorder, but I do a lot of web work in Flash and it's been great for capture various videos on the internet, busting up the video images into single frames, editing them and then re-assembling them.

Anyway, you can try it for free (that's how they hooked me).

If that is too much here is a list of other software for video capture (some Freeware and some Shareware).

I can only vouch for Camtasia as it turned out not only for what I needed at the time, but I have turned to it from everything from capturing SWF (ShockWave/Flash) files, to capturing and editing audio (MID, WAV, MP3, Etc.) as well.

Since you actually have a video camera I would really give the Camtasia Studio a try. If you need any help with it, I can usually muddle my way through it. 😉

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Thanks the program sounds great I'll use it for my next video as this Sony trial should be over by then.

Anyway I got a few more ideas up my sleeve. So I'll do a bit more before uploading it as I've worked out how to compile the entire video.

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