FSX Hangs Duriing Startup

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Well, the curse continues.....

I had to reinstall FSX because I overclocked the computer a little too much and it crashed. Now everytime I start up FSX, I am just stuck at the FSX startup screen. Also, it is gobbling up a lot of processing resources during startup, something it never did before. So, it looks like I will have to change the cpu to determine if its the problem. If it still hang with a new cpu, then it is definitely the software and I will have to wait till Microsoft Games find a way to fix the bugs.

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Why don't you do a clean install of Windows, all the updates and start fresh.


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As much as I hate to do that, I'll try that first. Thank goodness I have multiple harddrives.

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

I have finally fixed FSX!!!!



Get a pen......cause I am dishing out the recipe:

Scenery Settings:

Radius Detail - Large
Mesh Complexity - 75
Mesh Resolution - 38m
Texture Resolution - 60m
Water effects - Max

(this is almost the default settings, I adjusted the texture a little)

Weather Settings:

Global Settings - High
Thermals - Natural


Airline Traffic: 50%
General Aviation Traffic - 50%
Airport Density - Medium
Land and Sea Traffic - All settings are at 47%

You can increase or decrease from these settings to your likeness, but keep in mind that if you increase the traffic density (i.e. autos, boats, or aircraft, you'll lose FPS due to the AI movements of the traffic.)

This is fast on a system that isn't overclocked and the graphics are great!! When I get a faster processor, then I'll max out all settings.

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