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Does anyone know were I can download free Chicago O'Hare scenery?

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There don't appear to be any O'hare scenery packages for freeware at the moment, however keep checking the downloads library:

Fantastic pay.

Boston is free.


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that boston freeare is just amazing isn't it?!
found a video that features it. Just follow the linky:


Is the flytampa boston freeware easy on framerates?

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Anonymous wrote:

Is the flytampa boston freeware easy on framerates?

It depends on your machine, it worth trying.



Do the jetways in the flytampa Boston freeware move or pull up to your aircraft? Also, on the Flytampa website they have screenshots of many different AI aircraft featuring real airlines, are these plane included with the download? If not were can I get them? Thanks to everyone that has helped me with my questions, and kept this fourm very resourcefull to a wonderfull hobby. Bow Down


That Boston is actually freeware from some george guy I think and no.
Also theres only simflyers KODR that I can think of

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