why nobody answearing !

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

HRy, I have a prob with multiplayer, My multiplayer logging off after few minns of joining a server and its says"you are running other comoouter" Its a gull version from ebgames i bought, didnt download from interet, please help . anyhow.

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757Andrews Guest

I get it a bit too, it happenxs after you go into a couple of sessions. Just restart and join a session quickly...that's it!

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erik Lievano (elievano) Trainee

easy:restart in a clean boot,restart ,clean cache,and tep folders and try again

Bryce Bolz Guest

You would think that for $70 bucks you wouldn't have connection issues I can never seem to connect to any multi player session then when I create my own and turn my router to dmz host and port forward everything it will sometimes show up to my friends as -1 ping and sometimes show up as 100 ping the only reason I got this game was for multi player and it seems that Microsoft is not acknowledging that there are problems with multi player and I have wasted my money yet again.

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lambkin Trainee

I used to have that problem until i went under "network settings" on the multiplayer main screen and set -8388607 under both "connection time out" and "keep alive". For me it worked just fine after that, hope it helps!


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ab1332 Trainee

is this your pic elievano

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jewkid80 Trainee

im always getting that message somtime its because when fsx is runn it sometimes is such a big file it block the connection to gamespy. 😀

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