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Hello everybody. I have problem with ATC services. I can't hear the voices 😞 I have both of FS on my comp. FS9 or FSX. FS9 have the same problem. Comes always just the blue atc windows but without voice. Othervise work everything fine. Thanks a lot for help.

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go to settings then to sounds, and make sure your atc has volume


i have the same problem and i have tried turning the voices volume up and that still doesn't work. i even asked microsoft and they said make sure the audo codek was on but it still does not work if anyone can help me get my voices for atc and my pilot please help

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You say you "..tried turning the voices volume up "...

How did you try?

Settings / Sound -- can you move the sliders? If you can't, put check marks in the little boxes left of the sliders.

You can also click on 'Configure' and work from there.


I FINALLY GOT IT to get all the atc voices to work you need to go to controll panel click on sounds and audio devices then click on the voice tab. now all you have to do is make sure that the default device is set to realtek hd rear input and not medem line playback i hope this works for all the rest that are having problems


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