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Normally after takeoff,ATC will give a few different headings before I finally get a heading that puts me on course for my destination.The last four flights I have been on,ATC gives the first few heading instructions,but they never give the heading that puts me on course for my destination.If I turn to the correct heading on my own,ATC says "please expedite your turn to heading XX",even if I am fifty miles from the airport.The last two flights were from the same airport with different destinations,and the final heading ATC gave me was the same.I have uninstalled and reinstalled fs9 to no avail.Whats the problem?

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I have a similar problem, except that with me it is the assigned altitude. ATIS and ATC will both tell me the barometric pressure and I set the altimeter accordingly. 😀 When I get to my assigned cruising alt, sure enough, Center whines that I am 700ft above my assigned alt. I say “BS”, but begin a decent just to shut them up. Sure enough, after only about 300 feet I hear “N743GA, you are 1000ft below your assigned altitude…” I'll see-saw up and down with them for a few mins then end up canceling IFR. Evil or Very Mad

If anyone knows of a patch to fix this bug, lemme know.

NOTAM: The ILS into Innsbruck Austria sucks. It drops you about 150feet to the left of the threshhold.

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I just finished a flight from KSEA-KDEN,and ATC worked perfectly.Before this flight I uninstalled and reinstalled fs9,and my video card drivers.I don't know if that fixed the problem or not,time will tell.

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