how do i log instrument flight time in flight sim 2004


To any one out there who knows how to log the instrument filght time for fs9 please let me know

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This information is located in the Learning Center, Index-L, Logs. 🙂

The Flight Simulator logbook is an abbreviated version of an official pilot's logbook. You can create separate logbooks for different pilots and log time for all aircraft flown. The logbook will also track how much time is logged flying at night and in instrument meteorological conditions. Make sure you choose the correct logbook before you start a flight.

To create a logbook
On the Options menu, click Logbook.
Click Add logbook, and then type a name for your logbook.
Click OK.

To choose a logbook
On the Options menu, click Logbook.
Select a logbook from the Logbook box.
Click OK.

Automatic and Manual Logbook Entries
If you have created a logbook and selected the Log Flight time option in the General Settings dialog box (on the Options menu, point to Settings, and then click General) Flight Simulator automatically records flights of six minutes or longer. You can also manually add information to your logbook.

Note: The logbook will not automatically track instrument time. Keep track of how much time you spend in instrument meteorological conditions and manually enter that time in the logbook.

To manually enter information in a logbook
On the Options menu, click Logbook.
Select the logbook you want from the Logbook box.
Click Add Entry.
Type the information you want to include about this flight, and then click OK.
In the Logbook dialog box, click OK.

Don Wood Guest

If you are tlaking about logging instrument time in FS, follow CRJCapt's post.

If you are talking about using FS to log real instrument simulation time, you cannot legally do so. In order to be loggable (in the USA, at least), you must be simulating instrument flight in a simulation device approved by FAA for the purpose and you must be under the direct supervision of an Instrument flight instructor for the duration of the logged simulation.

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CRJCapt i thank you once again! I've been looking in the usual sites utility options for a logbook to record my flights and did'nt realise there was one in FS9 all along.Thanks again!

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