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Hey...Well, i just played this game for the first time, and i'm not impressed with the control options if you don't have a joystick.
Now, i know if you want to get the best out of a good flight sim, a joystick is essential, but i don't have one yet. 😞
So, my question to you is this:
Is it possible to play this game using the mouse to pitch/roll with the axis, and the keyboard for all the other controls AT THE SAME TIME?
I have tried going through the options myself, but to no avail using mouse and keyboard there a fix/add-on/hack/etc available? Or can it already be done and i'm just being dumb 😕
I will check back here soon, any help will be appreciated. 🙂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

A joystick is always preferable for a flight Sim but can be run with the keyboard but then your defeating the purpose of flight.
A MS Word doc with default keyboard commands is in the root directory.


Philippe Cardoso Guest

Fallowtia steps on tutorial um Thais link:

worked White me! 

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