Cant use mouse for Combat Flight Sim 2 Throttle Control?

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I've just got combat flight sim 2. I dont have a joystick, and I'm used to being able to control the throttle with the mouse on cfs 1, but it doesen't seem to work in cfs 2.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use the mouse for the throttle, and how to do it?

I've found the keyboard numbers for controlling the throttle, but can't seem to decrease it below 50%, which makes landing v difficult!!

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I've figured out how to control the throttle on the keyboard, with the F3 and F4 keys.

It does seem strange that you can't use the mouse in the same way as cfs 1 though. It would make it much easier!


I've figured out you can do it, by having the throttle quadrant controls displayed.

I have found on some missions, if you try to fly all the way rather than pressing x, some distances are too far and you eventually run out of fuel. The Japanese aircraft are particuarly thirsty.

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Get a joy stick, it's so much better than flying with the mouse and keyboard.


I may get a joystick at some point, maybe if I get cfs 3 or some other fs game, but for now the mouse works ok for me.

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Enjoy 🙂

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