Is Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse compatible with FSX

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The new beginner missions in FS X are very well presented and helpful and should help one progress. Much better than the earlier versions of FS I used many years ago.

Unfortunately my flaps do not seem to be working through the F5 to F8 keys and this makes short mountain landings somewhat difficult.

It's even harder when one gets a cable break on the aerotow and one has to land a performance sailplane without flaps and land without the gear down - guess that would result in total disaster at higher levels of simulation!

It's easier to keep a glider in line with a tug in a real life situation than it is using a mouse in FS X.

I've also found that I needed to use brakes much more than throttle control to control various aircraft during the taxying exercise. Reducing throttle at the moment the aircraft began to move forward did not seem as effective as I recall real life operations (although memory can fail after a decade !)

Wonder if these problems are associated with the wireless links, the use of a mouse rather than a joystick or setting the program to the highest definition to enjoy the best graphics.

Contemplating getting a USB Keyboard and Joystick!!!!

Advice, suggestions and comment would be appreciated.


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Just altered my profile timezone to UK - wonder if this post will be timed before or after my first one.

Edit that's fine now matches the board times of GMT plus 2 hrs

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I use a microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard with fsx everything works fine all the keys work

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Thanks FallonNv

It's difficult to understand why some of the F keys are working satisfactorily and some are not.

I'm using a dual core processor and see these can cause issues - wonder if this could be one of them!

Will change the location of the wireless receiver just in case that might be causing problems.

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