747-400 "X" wing???!!!???

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

I thought I had seen everything! My 747 default has "X" wings! There are panels missing, and it is like looking at a "pile of parts" flying from the exterior views. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it three times. I'm sure it is a glitch/fault in the program. My question is: Where can I find another 747 to replace this one?

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I had that too, just go into your graphics setting and play a lil bit with it. That got mine back to normal too. I wish I could be more specific then that, but it's something in the graphics setting that causes that.

Hope you'll get it fixed.
Happy flying, NSX

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

Thank ya, Thank ya, Thank ya! I'm off to the graphics settings as we speak. There are two possibilities here: 1) I will find the setting(s) that fix this, or 2) I'll be in the hangar installing a new graphics card! 😀

NSX Guest

I remember it was something with animation's, a checkable box, try that one first and please let me know on your progress 😀

Cheers, NSX

tyrick69 Guest

Turn off advanced animations. Your video card probably doesn't support shaders 2.0. If you turn off advanced animations your wings won't flex but they won't appear split.

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Where can i find advanced animations?

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