Level d autopilot problem

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Im flying level d 767.Its AWESOME!!! except.........

I like to fly the approach by hand and let the autopilot control thrust and descent rate(i select manually)

As soon as i enable autopilot to control vert speed it doesnt allow me to
line up manually.

I can do it no problem with the default planes on FSX.

Hopefully someone can help

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tyrick69 Guest

I'm not really familiar with the 767 but sometimes when I engage autopilot and alt hold on the default fsx planes, it won't let me control my heading manually. I usually have to select and then deselect either nav hold or heading hold, and then I will be able to manually control heading while the autopilot holds my altitude.

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Thanks for that.

Ill try it.

tyrick69 Guest

I also read today in another post that ctrl+V toggles the wing leveler on and off.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Guest wrote:

Im flying level d 767.Its AWESOME!!! except.........

You're flying the LDS 767 in FSX?

Just had a look at their site but couldn't find any updates -- how do you get it to work in FSX in the first place?

Some pointers would be appreciated, thanks. 😎

Guest Guest

Tricky69:Ok i tried turning off the wing leveler and that also doesnt work.

Thanks anyways man.Maybe its a bug.

Level d never gets back to me.

Tailhook:No im using fs 2004.

No one answered me there so i tried here.I came close.

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