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Hello all,

This is a really stupid question and I don't know how I don't know the answer but, what's APU and what does it do? I see APU Gen and APU start stuff and I think 😳

Thanks in advance,


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APU = Auxilliary Power Unit - a small gas turbine which powers a separate generator.

Normally engine powered generators will provide electrical power, but if a generator fails (etc), the APU can be used to provide power and "replace" a failed generator.

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Ahh thanks a lot mate 🙂 Oh hold on..... I feel it coming....... I don't want you to be true... but I just wanna make love to you.. oooo.. 🙂)


So that's where I've been going wrong!

[Note to self - improve love life by talking about aviation related electromechanical devices when flirting with possible new partner.]

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