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Boeing 747 Switches


Hi Again,

I've been flying the Boeing 737 most of the time, however i would like to fly the bigger 747. I flew the Monsoon Approach and really like to fly this big fella.

Its more or less similar to fly like the Boeing 737 but on a larger scale. However unlike the 737, i cant find the switches in the Virtual cockpit for...

-Seat Belt Light Switch
-No Smoking Light Switch

But more importantly the

-Battery On/Off Switch (I have dark and cold add on patch which means the cockpit is completely off including the internal lights, no fuel, engines off, radios off, etc. I would like to switch the lights on but i first need to find the battery switch so it'll switch on). Any ideas?

Do they exist in the 747 in virtual cockpit mode like on the 737 or not?

futurepilot Guest

I usually use the 2-D cockpit on the B744, but I don`t know about the Virtual Cockpit. On the 2-D panel, on the throttle window, you can find the seatbelt and no smoking signs. As for the battery switch, it should be on the overhead panel.

Pro Member First Officer
Murfi First Officer

The seat belts and smoking signs are found by the throttle, as for the battery I do not know. I to have wondered about it.

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