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Can anyone tell me if there are any radio altimeters fitted to the boeing 737-800. If so how do you activate them. It would be helpful on landing to have the last 1000ft called out. i had a concorde add on in flight sim 2002 and when you were coming in to land the flight engineer called out the last 1000 feet.

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looked all around the cockpit and could not see one...

should the main altimeter on the digital display not act as a radar altimeter below 2000ft agl or i cant remember exactly how they work?

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The Radar altimeter(RA) gives height above the surface of the earth by transmitting and receiving a radio signal utilizing an antenna located on the underside of the aircraft. Normally calibrated for 2500-2000 feet and below. The altitude call outs that are often heard use the signal from the RA but are not generated by the RA. The altitude call outs are from the Ground Proximity Warning System(GPWS).

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there you go and it all comes back, all those long nights study CPL down the window..

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