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how do you make the fuel last longer? i have used the 787 and it struggles to get to even mach .60 when at around 37000ft other for instance the 747 i can get to around m.81 which is best?

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What do you mean? Be more spacific about what you want to know.


which is the best crusing speed to make the most out of your fuel. what speed should you assend at? As the n1 on most of my flights is always about 85 or 90+%. this doesnt seem normal to me

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Speed does not matter as much as altitude does. Although I would fly pretty close to overspeed. In a jet to get the best fuel economy I would fly from 35,000 and up. You might be looking at airspeed, ground speed is what you want. To find it, click on the GPS and look in the bottom corner.

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At MTOW, the first +/- 500nm to 1200nm, (speaking for the 767-300ER) the optimal cruising level is FL300 / FL310 at around M.79, M.80.
From that point on, every 1000 - 1500 nm the optimal FL increases with 20.

You'd either need performance charts or a decent FMC to really tell what's most efficient for the a/c you're using though as the weight is a pretty important factor.

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