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How do I determin how much fuel I need? Yesterday I flew from Kadena AB Okinawa to Yokota AB in Tokyo and I put 50% fuel in the 737 and I had to refuel in in flight as I was approaching my landing.

Aslo, how do you dump fuel, and can you do it with FsP running?

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That's a very good and basic question. Stock MSFS 2004 is not set up very well with documentation that would allow you to compute fuel required. More sophisticated add on's may include more information. Add to this, the lack of seeing all the fuel in the stock 737 means we have to figure it on our own. I have not sat down to do it but I would begin with some basic flight testing. See what is required as you fly:

1. Gate -10000,20000,30000 ft.

2. Cruise fuel flow (FF) at same altitudes at a common Mach such as .78 or .80

3. Descent from same altitudes to arrival at the the gate.

Write these on graph paper and you will at least have something to go by. I wish I could give you a better answer. 🙂

I forgot about the flight planner. That will give you some numbers on fuel.

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I don't know personally, but try this (dead link removed)

Let us know how you get on 😉

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