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Hey Guys -

I want to start submitting some of my screenshots to FlyAway and I know they will never post them unless I convert them to jpeg so where can I find a bmp. to jpeg converter that is FREE!



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Just open it in paint and file-save as and select jpg

Job done


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Hang onto your hat for this one....

It's called Windows Paint.

It's on your computer already. It comes with Windows. Select "Save As..." and select file type "JPEG"


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Get this free.


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As already mentioned, IrfanView is great for conversion and other on-the-fly functions. If you're an adherent of the philosophy that taking screenies in .bmp and then converting them to .jpgs results in better image quality, then IrfanView is great.

On the other hand you could use a screen capture utility such as GrabClipSave ➡ -- tiny, resource friendly and in the Output Tab you can choose the File format: .bmp / .jpg or .png-

I saw a new one at Filehippo the other day, haven't checked it out yet but am itching to: FastStone Image Viewer

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Heres what to do

1. Open the BMP image.
2. Right click on it and scroll down to 'open with' and choose 'paint'
3. Once the image has come up on pant, scoll down to save as.
4. Where it says file name, under it will say 'save as type' and scroll down to JPEG, but make sure you call it something different because it will still have the same name but a different type of file.
5. Click save and job done

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Tailhook wrote:

I saw a new one at Filehippo the other day, haven't checked it out yet but am itching to: FastStone Image Viewer

Installed it and had hours of fun with it, amazing what this thing can do - and it's all for free 😳
There is an indepth tutorial available as well:

acdsee eat your heart out Devil

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