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You know when you switch to external view and zoom in towards the cockpit and you can see the pilots sitting in the seats, is there any way that you can put your own face onto the pilots body so it looks like you are the pilot flying the plane?


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mustangpilot Trainee

Now that would be cool. You could use someone famous like Ozzy Osborne flying a 747 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

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bawls327 Captain

I dont think there is a way but I could be wrong. I like that idea though.

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mossy First Officer

I suppose you could open the flight sim file, find the pictures and edit them, but whether it is worth the trouble is your desicion

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nottobe Captain

Its possible, but the work demands extensive knoweldge about 3D animation, especially polygonal shading. The face shader has to be stretched in 2 dimension precisely so when it wraps the 3d head polygonal model the texture matches exactly as it should.....

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