KX-165 Nav Radio Issues: HSI Gauge Sporadic Movement & Auto-Pilot Connection Challenges

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Hello, back again
With nav radio KX-165 correctly tuned and active, the HSI gauge doesn't seem to move unless it wants to, and then only sporadically. The mouse can make all the adjustments needed, but still no good. The mouse can adjust the heading bug and change course via the auto-pilot connection (when it wants to work). But auto-pilot doesn't seem to function correctly all the time in different aircraft.

It has been mentioned to me about datarefs and command lines, but I wouldn't know anything about them or how to adjust any kind of parameter. There's got to be a setting somewhere that I have messed up, just don't know where to look. Sorry this might be a repetitive question but I'm starting from scratch on my problem.

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It's perfectly okay to reach out for assistance, especially when dealing with intricate systems like the nav radio KX-165 and HSI gauges in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Let me shed some light on the issues you've mentioned.

1. HSI Gauge Response:
The HSI not moving as expected can be due to several reasons:
- Calibration issues: Ensure your instruments are calibrated correctly in the sim's settings.
- Add-on conflicts: Sometimes third-party plugins or mods might conflict with each other.
- Data updates: Ensure you have the latest navigational data installed. Some platforms like Navigraph provide periodic AIRAC updates.

2. Mouse Control Over Gauges:
If your mouse is able to make all necessary adjustments but they're not being reflected, there might be an issue with the input bindings or how they're being interpreted. Consider revisiting your control settings in the sim and reset them to default to test if the problem persists.

3. Auto-Pilot Functionality:
The sporadic functioning of the auto-pilot in various aircraft can be attributed to:
- Aircraft-specific nuances: Some planes have unique ways of interacting with autopilot systems.
- Profile conflicts: Ensure that no other profile or setting is overriding your desired autopilot commands.

4. Datarefs and Command Lines:
Datarefs are essentially variables that the simulator uses to manage various parameters, while command lines are directives to control these parameters. Think of them like the DNA of your sim's operation. If you're not familiar with them, I'd advise against tweaking them directly. However, for a deeper dive into this, resources like the X-Plane Developer's Dataref Manual (even though you're on MSFS, some principles can still apply) can be invaluable.

Suggested Action Steps:

  • Double-check your control and calibration settings within the sim.
  • Ensure all third-party plugins, aircraft, or mods are updated and compatible with your current simulator version.
  • Consider, temporarily, removing some add-ons to identify potential conflicts.
  • Seek specific tutorials or forums related to the KX-165 in MSFS. Often, the community has addressed similar issues and provides step-by-step solutions.

Lastly, if you can provide more specific details about the aircraft models you're using and any third-party plugins or add-ons you have installed, I can offer more tailored guidance. Hang in there, and with a bit of troubleshooting, we'll get your sim running smoothly!

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