Will it run ok?

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I have just purchased The following:

Flight Environment
Ground Environment

I'm a little worried that it will slow the frame rate down too much in FS2004.

My machine is as follows:
Dell Dimention DIM5000
P4 3Gig CPU
1Gig Ram
Radion X300 128MB graphics card

Is this enough to run the sim smoothly? If not what would be a good upgrade in the graphics card department? Also would more RAM help?

Just want to point out that i have not installed FS2004 yet!

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as far as I know it should run ok, but try it and see.

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hmmmm, the x300 is not bad. Slightly lower performance than the Nvidia Geforce 7300GS which is an entry level card. It should run alright, knowing my old 7300gs, but dont expect it to be in the highest resolution with full settings 😉

If you were to upgrade, i would reccomend an X1600, or a 7600GS. X1600's performance is slightly under that of the 7600. It is capable of running Sim at 1280x1024 at all full settings. 😎 It has a nice price tag aswell!

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I have just installed Combat FS3 and when turning with the ground in view (no sky) it runs pretty jerky so i have just ordered a XFX GeForce 7600GS 512MB DDR2 PCIE Dual DVI from a mate in the biz. It will be installed and running next week so hopefully all will be well!! 😀

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Just been speaking to my Dad and he has almost the same spec machine as me! The only difference is that my CPU is a little faster. He has the same graphics card as the one i'm getting and he says that FS04 runs smooth at 30fps even with everything on med/high.

Can't wait!!

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