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I have CFS2 with the number 2 CD sometimes showing up not readable. It used to install/run great 20 years ago, lol, but somehow it seems to have gotten some damage. This time around, I had to ignore several files to finish the install, since they were unreadable. As they were just voiceover files (the audio files and text files) those were insignificant. However; since it requires the (damaged) number 2 CD to run, this presented another problem. The game seemed to run, check for the CD, and then nothing. It didnt ask for the CD, so I assume it "sees" the CD, but it won't run.
  My next step was to use the No CD "patch". When I run the patched exe (with appropriate Compatibility settings)  the game runs fine with no CD; but not Mission Builder. The Free Flight, etc. seems to work fine, but if I try to run MB I get the same thing as I did when trying to use the damaged CD. I get the Mission Builder splash screen, then nothing. I can't understand why since "Mission Builder" seems to just be a switch appended to the exe.
If it's the same exe that's patched for "No CD", shouldn't it run? What am I missing?

CFS2 -
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 2\cfs2.exe"

Mission Builder -
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 2\cfs2.exe" /BUILDER:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!


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We had the crack (no-CD) but it seems to have disappeared, and my past links to it too.
See if this helps.




Jay Merrifield Guest

I have the NoCD crack/mod/fix/patch. It seems to work fine on the "game" part of the sim, but the "Mission Builder" module doesn't run. I am unsure why it doesn't run; since the shortcut points to the CFS2.exe with the switch /BUILDER:  appended.
To run the "game" part of CFS2, I run:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 2\cfs2.exe"   <- (this is the "patched" NoCD exe)
...and the game runs great. But to run the mission builder, you have to run:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 2\cfs2.exe" /BUILDER:    <- (this is the path in the shortcut "Mission Builder" created during install) ...and it initializes, then doesn't run.
I don't understand why; as it's the same exe.

Is that any clearer? : )
Thank you

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Sorry it's been a long time.
Maybe they can help with your problem here.



Jay Merrifield Guest

That page has some nice -to- know stuff, but nothing that helps this particular issue. It seems Microsoft has pointed links to anything but Win10 to their XBoX ad page. Oh well, lol. 
I certainly appreciate your time. Thank you for your help!
If I ever solve the issue, I'll be back to share!

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Jay Merrifield Guest

So far, nothing. I have been able to run Mission Builder WITH the CD in the drive; so I know it is installed and runs great - with the CD. I just may have to re-try to run it a few times before it reads the CD, if it fails to read again. So far, it has run every time with the CD in, and now I'm afraid to take it out, lol, fearing it might not read again.
  So after all this, all I can say for certain is that the NoCD patch DOES NOT WORK with the Mission Builder in CFS2. It works great for the sim itself - with or without the CD. But for the Mission Builder tool/module/whateveryoucallit you have to have the CD in the drive - even with the patch.
Thank you for your time and links. I have indeed found a lot of good stuff following your links. I appreciate it!

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