Instrument panel gages won't show UPDATE: working now

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Hey all, I got the F4 Phantom from Alpha sim and everything works except the gages won't show up on the instrument panel. Of course this addon was made for FS2004 but the B52 was also made for FS2004 and it works fine.

Ok I figured out how to get the gauges to show up in FSX in case anyone is interested in buying the F4 Phantom addon. I had to place the cabinet files in the panel folder. A simple fix but hard to find. For some reason this is not a problem with the B52. The cabinet files for B52 are in a seperate gauges folder. But then these addons were made for FS2004.

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You said it yourself, it's a 2004 aircraft.
Just because the B-52 worked doesn't mean all their aircraft works.

Try posting (or checking out) their forums.


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