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MSFS Demonstration?

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Hello... I live in Toronto, Canada and currently fly with X-plane. (I'm in a mac-based environment)

I'm very curious about Flight Simulator 2004, but would like to personally see a demonstration of it before even considering dropping thousands of $$ for a PC, MSFS 2004 and Joystick.

Anyone out there in my neighbourhood know of somewhere I can go to get a demo, or even willing to give me a demonstration themselves?

Any replies appreciated!

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They don't have a demo. If you have any other questions please ask.

2004 try the last Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight TV ad shown on Discovery Wings

2002 pretty good and 2004 is better.


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Nope,no demo,plenty of videos to watch.Here are two of mine Embarassed

Some more ➡

🤔 Be careful about some of the very high detail videos,where they are made by companies promoting fs add ons.They have SUPER computers,way,way above the average pc spec...........Still looks dam good though 🙂

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One more thing,

understand that MSFS 2004 is a real hog on resources. Make sure if you do build a new PC for flight simming that you do your homework and build or buy something that will allow you to get out most of what MS put into it. If you have a system that will run it with most of the eye candy turned on, it is simply more fun than anyone should be allowed to have... 😎

very nice landing at Mykonos TTT...


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