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i have fs 2004 but it runs horribly on my pc......i love the way 2002 runs on my pc tho.....i dont like playing 2002 for a few reasons.....first......there are no multiple active runways......2nd....the gps sucks.......3....when i install a lot of ai traffic......the program ai smooth does not work in fs 2002..................do u think i could somehow transfer some files in 2004 into 2002 to enable these features........or are there freeare files online that i can get to help with this????......i would play 2002 but i want 2004 features!

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Have you tried altering your performance and display settings and defragmenting and scanning your hard drive? Make sure FS2004 is installed on the C drive. I find applications installed on the C drive run better than if they were installed on another drive such as Drive D.

With all my performance settings maxed out (except water) I've discovered that it doesn't decrease my FPS but it does take longer to load such as the VC and external views. The delay only occures once though and once 'in memory' the system runs pretty well with very sharp graphics.

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maybe you need more RAM?
a better graphics card?
faster processor?

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