Keeping FS2002 with 2004, ok ?

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HI, I'm afraid to install FS2004... Thing is, I'm aware of the ATI 9800Pro problems, and since everything is fine with my FS2002, I don't want to lose my pleasure of flying with it. Nevertheless, I'm ready to go with FS2004 but only if I can keep my old game. Is it possible ? Or the installation of the new version will erase (or mess up) the old one ?

2nd and last question, FS2002 doesn't require me to put a CD in my computer, but I heard FS2004 will... Nobody seem to be angry about that, but frankly it will annoy me a lot. No way to put everything in my PC ? Smile

Thanks a lot for your help !

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Yes, you can indeed keep FS2002 with FS2004 installed, and it won't loose or change any of your settings. I'm sure there are some no-cd cracks out there - its just a case of finding them.

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Just go to google .....

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Hey Swiss made, as said, 2004 will install to new folder and not affect 2002. The No-CD crack file was just answered in my post by RadarMan and it works, so get it there. I really like 2004 but it requires alot of horsepower !! I especially like the fact that if you do a shift-Enter to get the view down (raise our seat) it remembers that setting!! I think this is a great feature and means you don't have to alter (edit) the .cfg file to get a look over the instrument panel!! Happy Flyin' rob

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