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Good morning fellas:

I have FS-9 and I want to fly from Honolulu PHNL to KSEA, but somehow I the FS-9 doesn't show the airport, instead it shows houses palm trees snakes tarantulas and all hehe, but the airport.

I had to use the FSNavigator, take off and "move the plane to Honolulu, as there was no way I could tell FS-9 to take me there, but once there, where the strip was supposed to show, it was all but the strip even though FSnavigator showed that the strip was supposed to be there.

I don't know why, but I have moved almost everything including deleting all FS-9 and reinstalling to no avail.

Can anyone help here?


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to Flyaway Hellcatbyte
The only thing that I can think of is that FSNavigator has screwed up your scenery some how, my default FS9 shows the PHNL airport just fine. If you reinstall FS9, without FSNavigator, that should restore FS9 to it's default setup. Use link to manually remove FS9 completely: ➡

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Thanks CRJapt:

Problem solved:

For the record, it was all a matter of me disabling some sceneries at the FS-9 add on sceneries and among them was all the World's west ones. some time back in order to gain less loading time

The problem was solved by rehabilitating them back again.

Thanks anyway

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Glad to hear it, now you can go flying in Hawaii!

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