"Jumpy" Video Playback

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Why does my video playback jump around like the St Vitus Dance?. I've got a NEW computer,320GB drive 2GB ram Dual core pentim chip. FX runs SMOOTHLY with all Frame rates and scenery ETC firewalled. Video playback is AWFUL.

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Where are you playing videos from? Stored on the hard drive, streaming from a website, a DVD?

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My instant replays jump about which is really annoying even if the fps were high on the original action


you must be running Microsoft WIndows Media Player version 11.

if so, you can down grade to v10.

v11 sucks.

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mdaskalos First Officer

Hey guys, maybe he's talking about playing it back internally in Flight Simulator.

I don't know about you, daveloc, but MSFS only lets me record at 4 frames/second max, so replay has no chance of running smooth.


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For just playing back to watch, without wanting to edit, use this:


Very easy and resource friendly. Idea

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