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Hi all, it has been a bit. This is an up date so you all do not think I bailed on you all.

Had a bad landing, I was flying during the FL hurricanes and my poor Goose bit it. As it was late here, I tried to exit out of FS and shut down for the night. But it went about as smoothly as my landing did.

In the morning I tried to boot up my system and could not. So I hooked up an older HD making my C drive into D drive and slaving it to the reinstalled drive. I updated the new C drive and installed Norton into it and ran it against my Old C drive that messed up. Norton said that I had two Fat tables!

I am currently backing up stuff off of the old C drive which is a slow process since it does not want to give up the data, hmm and that I have not backed up my data in a few years... to tell the truth in about 12 but I do have the habbit of taking work back and forth between home and work that and I have stuff on old hard drives that I have slaved or removed. So I have it here and there.

My CD burner is finely getting broken in after having it for 4 years. I still have to try and fix the Double fat table error or it could be my WD HD drive itself. So it will be a week or so before I get to fly again. That and I have to back up the old slave that I disconnected when all this accured it has FS on it and all the back up gauges and downloaded zips.. It is pretty old and had to partitioned using Partition magic due to MS not being able to see the size of the drive back then. But Norton hates that drive so I am going to back up all and then wipe it and reformat it. Heck I might as well reformat all my drives and start fresh...

A bit of advice, do not let your old operating system ( Win 98 ) know that you just bought 1 gig of memory and Windows xp and will be installing them that weekend. After years of no problems BOOM.

See you in the air,


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Good luck, I lost my h/d a few months ago and everything on it, yep no backup on FS9.
See you flying soon faster and better than ever.


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It may be my WD j1000 HD 😞 It is the one that was my C drive. Now as my D drive I think it started a boot error to the extent that my new C drive can not boot unless the other is unplugged. One of the drives ( the old C drive? ) Has started to Make a loud Ticking sound hmm more like Thunk thunk thunk thunk. But it is intermentent and does not show up at each start up. I am going to check out the WD site and see if they had a recall on the WD J1000 If so I will try to get a Mail in number then yank all my drives hook up the J1000 and see if I can get enough run time to reformat it before I mail it.

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