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i've been happily flying for a while and then the other day my flight sim just "crashed" when i tried to load up cape town airport (download from aeroworx) at 0400-1600 (time) it was fine any other time. so i re installed flight sim and put the file back in it did the same again. it worked fine once then it just crashed whenever i tried to load up cape town. i also have jo'burg scenery by the same design team and now that is crashing as well. the only thing i did was change the folder name from SAScenerySM to SAScenerySM2 3 or 4 as i have 3 or 4 files for south africa. any help would be appreciated.

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You'll find that some download scenery just as some of the default MS scenery can cause crashes.
If it continues to cause you problems just dump it and notify the designer, although he probably has heard about it.
Changing anything can cause problems, I've seen on other web-boards that one designer in particular has many problems, sorry I don't remember his name.
I personally don't use too much downloaded scenery so I haven't seen the problems first hand.


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RadarMan said the 'changing anything can cause problems' and I can personally attest to that as well. I have tried to run the scenery files for Honolulu Int'l Airport and boy did it cause real problems.

Sorry to just post that and provide no solution but I gotta tell you that right now, I am just sticking to the default and liking it!

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😀 Contact the design team,just in case they do not know about it
I had a problem with some Greek scenery and the designer released a fix.

All scenery designers have the odd glitch now and then and if they dont know about the problem,they cant fix it

Check the read me that came with the scenery for a contact address

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