Thank you guys - and at the same time, darn you guys! :)

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I wanted to take a second to thank this forum's community. The information posted here has been quite helpful in fixing a few issues, pointing out good tips, and saving myself some embarrassment as I make my return to Flight Simulator programs. My last one was MicroSoft Flight Simulator II back in the Commodore 64 days!

On the flip side, I've come quickly to realize that my computer here isn't cutting it for FSX. I was just fine running FSX on my "vintage" 4 year old machine until I saw some of the screenshots posted in here. Now I'm scheming up ways to afford a new computer. So, on that end of things, you guys suck. 😂

Just kidding... the good far outweighs the "my stuff sucks" issue I have. Thanks again for being here.


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Kohnen wrote:

My last one was MicroSoft Flight Simulator II back in the Commodore 64 days!

That brings back memories, I think I still have my Commodore 64 out in the garage. Glad the members and guests here could help. 🍻

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