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Posky A340-300 Rotation Speed??


I recently downloaded the Posky Airbus A340-300 but have noticed this thing is a bear to get off the ground! 😳 It seems to have a consistent need to reach 200 knots before it will even begin to rotate. This also with an attempt at every flap setting, including maximum. I've tried reducling fuel to 50%, which brings the fuel capacity down to around 14000 gallons (the maximum says 31048.84), but it still needs 200 knots. Is this how it's supossed to be? Also, the download said something about other engine variations being available but I don't see how to change them, if you in fact can.



I may have answered my own question. Looks like I had an earlier version of the A34-300 and there has been at least one update since, located here....

The update seems to include re-distributed weight and more movement of control surfaces. Now I can achieve rotation closer to 170-180 knots. Much better! 😀

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Not true, I downloaded the posky A340-300 Air Canada livery yesterday and it flyes great, you just need to know the checklist before takeoff, try to get you flaps to 14 degrees, and adjust your pich about +1.0, rotate at 165 kts, and throutle 100N1. Try this I think it should help, it helps for me.
Oh yea BTW forgot to tell you, the length of the RWY is importent too, I takeoff from CYYZ RWY33R or 15L and the length is 11004, try to takeoff on a long RWY, dont forget its a heavy plane. 😉


Not true? No, I swear what I've posted is true! I quite factually found an update that spoke directly to the issue I was having and the update included a brand new aircraft config. This fixed everything and did, very much in fact, redistribute weight and add more responsiveness to control surfaces. Perhaps the aircraft you downloaded already had the update include (happens all the time). You are right about runway length. I believe the (longer) runway at Seattle should be plently long, however. Thanks for the reply! 😀

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