Creating a 737 800 with airstairs for FSX but have problems


I have been adapting a FS2004 boeing 747-800 with animated airstairs to work on FSX.

I have managed to get the aircraft to work in FSX with the airstairs. The 3D cockpit works aswell. However my problem is that the aircraft seems to hover over the runway, its a foot off the ground. Is there anyway i can lower the aircraft by editing anything.

Also the external lights all work, however i get another set of wingtip lights hovering a metre behind the originals in thin air aswell as the rear strobe on the tail of the aircraft again, flashing in thin air a metre behind the aircraft. If its raining the water spray off the wheels is also a metre behind, i think this is related. Any ideas how to reset this so its inline with the aircraft.
Also the light off the landing lights do not light up the ground anyone know where the problem is with this.

Also i dont have VC so i was wondering how do i get VC from the original 737 800 on FSX to appear in this Boeing 737 800?

While i was working on this most of the evening i was thinking, i have FSX deluxe will the SDK files etc that are bundled with the deluxe version help me modify existing aircraft etc etc???



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Most of these things can be fixed by editing (using MS Notepad) the aircraft.cfg found in the aircraft's main folder. You ought to back it up before making any changes.

1) Hovering over the runway - if the aircraft appears too high off the ground, adjust the figures in the [contact points] section. Points 0,1,2 correspond to the gear, the remainder are "scrape points" around the airframe:

point.0= 1.000, 13.75, 0.000, -6.590, 8662.205, 1.000, 1.000, 35.000, 0.800, 2.000, 0.09825, 2.000, 2.000, 0.000, 260.000, 260.000
point.1= 1.000, -8.60, -6.250, -6.805, 8662.205, 1.000, 1.250, 0.000, 0.750, 2.500, 0.9775, 2.000, 2.000, 2.000, 260.000, 260.000
point.2= 1.000, -8.60, 6.250, -6.805, 8662.205, 2.000, 1.250, 0.000, 0.750, 2.500, 0.9775, 2.000, 2.000, 3.000, 260.000, 260.000
point.3= 2.000, -9.083, -19.500, -0.167, 1574.803, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 5.000, 0.000, 0.000
point.4 = -0.88, -7.19, -6.42, 1500, 0, 0.5, 22.0, 0.3, 2.5, 0.7, 4.0, 4.0, 0
point.5 = -0.84, 7.17, -6.43, 1500, 0, 0.5, 22.0, 0.3, 2.5, 0.7, 4.0, 4.0, 0
static_pitch= -0.067
static_cg_height= 6.000

You will have to experiment by changing the values and testing them out. This will also correct the dirt/spray occurring too far from the wheels.

As for the lights, positioning the strobes & navs are a similar process, this time you go to the [lights] section,. Adjusting these values changes their location. In the example below, light.0 is positioned -16.03 feet back from the CofG; is to port, -23.19 feet; and, is 1.79 feet above the CofG - note that the starboard light is positioned at 23.19 feet, the same distance but in the the opposite direction.

//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing
light.0 = 3, -16.03, -23.19, 1.79, fx_navred
light.1 = 3, -16.03, 23.19, 1.79, fx_navgre
light.2 = 1, -17.01, -22.93, 1.82, fx_strobe
light.3 = 1, -17.01, 22.93, 1.82, fx_strobe
light.4 = 1, -7.50, 0.00, 2.55, fx_beaconb
light.5 = 1, -0.75, 0.00, 6.25, fx_beaconb
light.6 = 1, -25.81, -9.36, 9.92, fx_beacon
light.7 = 3, -25.81, 9.36, 9.92, fx_navwhi
light.8 = 3, 15.27, 0.00, 6.38, fx_vclightwhi

Lastly, for landing lights illuminating the ground, this is due to FSX having different coding for landing & taxi lighting, and can only be added in the model when compiling it. You would therefore require the model's source file to modify it. In fact, not all design programs even permit adding fully functional landing lights in FSX, as I have found out with FSDS3 - a great program to work with, but unfortunately suffering this shortcoming. So, you can fix much of this, but not everything.


Excellent thanks, just been doing some further reading and found out the virtual cockpit is coded into the model, therefore i can't add a VC. Therefore making all this work pointless as i can't fly without a VC. I assume the airstairs animation is coded into the aircraft model aswell.

I thought i was onto a winner here. I so badly wanted my 737 800 aircraft to have airstairs as i usually fly to airports without jetways and the only way my virtual passengers can get off is having to jump out the door and do a barrel roll so that they dont kill themselves. LOL.

I really want to use the original 737 800 by microsoft and add airstairs. Guess its something i will need to wait for someone else to create. Unless this SDK stuff lets me edit the original files.

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thank yo so much for creating a 747-8 thats the plane im going to fly and you said it has a virtua cockpuit please let me know where and when its available please and thanks you Bow Down



Sorry to spoil this i think he meant 737-800 in his original post not 747. The 747 doesn't have airstairs that come from within the aircraft.

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Yeah well it's a 747 in the subject title, then it's a 737 in the first sentence.
Darn numbers - just what was the guy who invented them thinking? 😳

...and the way I read the thread, everybody seems to agree that a VC cannot be added just like that.. well almost everybody.

Oh it's all sooo confusing... why do we have to read? Read Read Read Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing

Dont Know Help!


Seems some of us dont read, it was actually 737 in the subject title then accidentally 747 in the first sentence. 🙂

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Oops! I told you I find maths extremely confusing, anything to do with numbers, really - and letters... and well anything that forces me to think 😀

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it would hurt if you fell down those stairs!

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

True - I used airstairs off a 47 in Cape Twon SA last year....a very long fall if you should slip.

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