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Can I get everyone's Honest opinion?

Has the idea of developing a flight sim training school ever come up?

For instance, a centre where virtual pilots can come and learn to maximize their experience using Microsoft's flight sim?

Instructors would obviously be qualified.

I am currently in ground school working on my private. I have found flight sim effective in instrument training and much more..

Just wanted to get an idea of what people thought in terms of the idea, pricing, location etc.



BTW, The centre would be located in the Canada, GTA

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Wow, 37 views and not 1 comment!

Has this been done? Or is it a horrible idea?

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this is just a "stab in the dark" but i would think that most flight simmers are to some degree D.I.Y. types who would rather not pay to be better, but would instead rely on the program, the sim community, and their own perserverance to improve. i think to many, the journey to perfection is more important than the arrival. after all, most of us will never be pilots, and the ones who are pilots are flying mostly ga. stuff. almost none of those are flying the extra 300 streaming smoke above an airshow while doing a cuban 8.

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