Which is your Favourite aircraft ?

heliosimmer Guest

Which is your Favourite aircraft ?

I fly the Robinson all the time because it is easy to fly, and very responsive. It does not go very fast, but I can fly low to watch the traffic on the highway, or land on a yacht.

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Karlw Captain

I like anything that fly's

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JLangevin First Officer

I personally love the 737. Ive flown just about every Airbus, Boeing, MD in FS over the years, and I always find myself coming back to the 737...

As for General Aviation... I always fly the 172...

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cheezyflier First Officer

cessna 337, or dc-3 the cessna is a twinline, it's quick for a small g/a and it's very stable. if you lose an engine it's no big deal, there's no yaw associated with a side by side twin. the dc-3 is the box truck of airplanes. rock solid stable, capable of hauling more than you'd think, and about as complicated as a hammer. reliable as an old dog. what more could you ask for in a plane, except maybe for a window that doesn't leak in the rain? 😂

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

Beech Baron for fun flights, the 737 for the long hauls.

flyingcircus Guest

FSD's Pilatus Porter for general tooling around of the scenery at a moderate to fast speed. If I want to take things nice and slow I fly the Piper Cub.

Really enjoying the new shockwave FSX B-17 too


I like the cub too. It can take a lot of abuse and still won't crash.

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