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Favourite Bird

Jamie4590 Guest

Whats your favourite feathered bird? Mine is the Blackbird. I love the inquisitive way they look at you. I also like Crows because they rule the skys.

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Probably Alex, The worlds smartest parrot 😀 nah probably eagles, loons,owls, and maybe seagulls.

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Insight Chief Captain

Owls are superb, I owned a Barn Owl for many years - fantastic creatures, utterly brainless but full of character

Jamie4590 Guest

I live at the top of a block of flats and overlook a roof which I put food on to every day. Over the years the birds that visit have become very trusting of me to the point where they come very close and even if I move suddenly they don't fly off like they used to. Its amazing to see the same birds and their partners returning year after year. There is a crows nest close by and I used to watch a Crow take food I had left to its nest and feed its young. I could see the little beak of the baby crow in the nest feeding. A few months ago when it was old enough both its parents took it out for food and made a stop on my roof. Incredible sight. The youngster actually looked like an old crow because its feathers were grey and still developing but it had an unmistakable baby cry. I find it quite humbling to see things like that. The cycle of life eh!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Insight wrote:

utterly brainless but full of character

Then, you must visit Hollywood. Many people here fit that description. 😂 😂 😂 😂

But, to get back on topic, the African Crested Eagle.

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Jamie4590 Guest

I love the Kestral too. Has anyone seen Kes? Another film that gets me blubbering every time. They don't make films like that anymore and Brain Glover was fantastic.

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I'd like to be a crow, too. Superb flyers, and they always seem like they're having a good time doing crow things.


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violentviolet First Officer

The African Gray Parrot.
There was one at the local pet shop a short while back,which they had to move to the back of the shop, as school kids were coming in just to teach it to swear.I think telling old ladies in gray hats to "F" off, was the final straw. 😂

Jamie4590 Guest

I wonder why Crows dislike Pigeons so much. One was being chased once and they both flew in to my window. It scared the life out of me. The Pigeon scarpered pronto and was uninjured but the Crow took the full force of the glass and was stunned in a heap for about 30 seconds. Lucky the Crow fell on the roof as the fall would probably have killed it. Maybe its because Pigeons are greedy. They scare away smaller birds like Finches to get all the food for themsleves. I've noticed that Crows and small birds can feed together in harmony.

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Sico2 First Officer

I really love owles too, but this american golden-head eagle from your flag is really really nice. Looks so powerfull and majestic.

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