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Hello everyone

I was just wondering what other peoples favourite past time with MS Flight Sims was.
I wonder whether on the whole people are flying airline style routes under IFR or maybe fast valley flying with a fighter.
I tend to enjoy Flying the heavy metal due to it's demanding (for me anyway) landing and spend most of my time doing fairly short IFR hops, and combined with some strong winds, the task is quite demanding.

What do you spend most of your time doing?
Maybe some are doing some things that are enjoyable that I haven't thought of

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I mainly fly IFR routes to different locations. I really enjoy the MD-80 and 88, as well as the rest of the Boeing fleet. I'm mostly a heavy jet flyer myself, and i really enjoy ILS approaches. I do like the Concorde, but it's so darn loud that i hurt my ears.

It's probably the most rewarding to land big jets, and if you're just a little weenie plane pilot...(no offense), try a big jet, it's loads of fun! Start out with the Lear, cause i's pretty darn easy to handle, and the cockpit is complicated enough to give you a taste of the big steel you plan to fly 😉

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I just enjoy flying the tail draggers, mostly the DC3. Props of any kind is my game although an occasional spin in a Tomcat or jumbo jet is a nice distraction.
I prefer laying in a course and just following the GPS, no I haven't taken any lessons yet.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I sympathize with you, lessons are a pain! However, I found them to be extremely useful; you can learn a lot from taking them, and you dotn really have to go through all the lessons to be proficient. I forced myself to take all of them and pass each one. I got my ATP certificate and stuff, but really, all I needed, and most everyone else too, will simply need the info up to the ILS stuff, the other is extra you can learn later on.

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