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Hi all,
Is there anyone out there willing to do a couple of repaints for me.
I used to work for Transwede Airways of Sweden but health issues forced me to leave and shortly after they were taken over by SAS.
I adore the old TQ livery and would love the following 4 aircraft painted in their livery.

Digital Aviation Fokker F100
PMDG B777-300
PMDG B737-600

I know TQ didn't operate these aircraft but I would just love to fly my favourite aircraft with my most favourite livery!
I'm quite happy to pay for your time (as long as it's reasonable!)
Photos can been found on

Get in touch if you think you can help out
Thanks in advance
😀 [/list]

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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I've looked in our downloads library and can't seem to find any Transwede repaints at all.

Was that the airline you were looking? Or something else?

Stick around; you may find somebody reading this message who can paint these for you.

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