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This is a FSUIPC problem.
Out of the blue I can not even enter FS2004 because I am told I have the wrong FSUIPC build. It tells me the wrong number and the correct one. How can I fix this, if I can. I can not get into the first screen of the FS2004 program. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance. The computer tells me to go to Help-About and that is all. 😞

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Replace it with a new one for 2004 not FSX.



Jamie4590 Guest

Also make sure you don't have more than one fsuipc file in the modules folder or in the main fs9 directory as it can read it anywhere regardless of the folder you place it in. If you want to store another copy of fsuipc for whatever reason change the file name to prevent it being read and causing problems.

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