Can't open FS9 FSUIPC Error

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Can't open FS9 - states the module has too many FSUIPC's. I looked in the module - I have FSUIPC dll (application); FSUIPC (config settings) and FSUIPC (log file). I can't do anything w/ these - a message comes on saying they are active in FS9. Yet I can't open FS9 because of the very problem thst's cvausing it in the first place. Quite a conundrum. think it all started when I downloaded an FS Adventure mission from I was able to extract that file from the module, but nothing else. Anyone have any ideas on what to do? Thanx!

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Take out one, see if it starts, if not put it back and try taking out another.
Process of elimination.
Keep the one you can live without in a folder on the desktop for now.


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Absolutely. You can safely delete the .ini and the .log file as the sim will rebuild them when you next run it.
Before you do, make sure that you do not have more than one FSUIPC.dll inside your Modules folder, though I don't know how this could have happened without the currently present one having been overwritten.
Check the version of your FSUIPC.dll, mine is so mine or any later version will work fine.

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Thanx, guys. Got it running!

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